Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zazzle's Best of 2011 Sale!

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Now that 2011 is coming to a close, Zazzle has compiled a list of this year’s most sought after topics. Not only were they socially influential, but also reflected organically in the Zazzle Marketplace. From winning and not caring to occupying and debating, 2011 consisted of an array of interesting trends. And now you can have these products for 30% off until January 31st! Click on "read more" to see all of the top products and see if your favorites made the list!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Product Review: England Guard Flex Magnet

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"The premium magnets came out really nice! They are large, have a great magnetic backing with a strong magnet and my photo reproduced spectacularly! They were also a big hit with my family since I gave these to them with old family photos on them. Obviously my sample image here is from my trip to England :-) " -Mark J.

England Guard premiumfleximagnet

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Product Review: Polka Dot Wedding Coasters

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"The new coasters are just plain gorgeous! I designed this one for my wife as a special gift for our wedding. This is a great quality product with graphics and colors that reproduced beautifully! The coasters have nice rounded corners and the cork backing is black which coordinated really nicely with my black graphic design on the coasters." -Mark J.

My Wedding Coasters corkcoaster
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Product Review: Shiny Blue Distorted Tiles iPhone 4 Case-Mate Tough Case

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Click on photo for larger view
"I recently purchased a Case-Mate Tough case for my new iphone 4s and am very happy with the product overall.  It is a three part case, with a screen protector, rubber or silicone piece and then the hard plastic shell. The case comes with instructions, a cleaning cloth and a smoothing card for the screen protector but I still had trouble with it. You  have one chance to get it on right and mine ended up with bubbles and scratches. Steady  hands required! The soft piece is great and the hard shell snapped on perfectly, fitting my international version iphone properly and allowing access to all buttons.  It looks sharp and feels great in the hand. Much less slippery, and more "skookum"  with a little bit of extra weight and thickness without being bulky. It doesn't stick in my pocket either, I can pull it out/put in it easily. I use it frequently throughout the day and it's holding up well. I have tried to be gentle with it and have not dropped it, but it does feel like it offers some protection against every day abuse.
The colors are quite a bit darker and richer than I expected, showing more like navy and green,  but that may be due to my monitor settings and the product surface which is quite shiny. With that in mind, I would probably choose the same design again but in the grey version." -Susan 

Shiny Blue Distorted Tiles casematecase
Also available in pink and grey

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Product Review: Geese Swim Around Your Mug

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"This is my 'Geese Swim around your mug' mug. I customized with the addition of my name, which I placed so that it faces outwards when I take a sip of coffee, but otherwise left as is. This is the 11 oz. ringer mug with black trim. I previously purchased the 15 oz size, but that one broke when it fell 3 feet onto a short haired office carpet. 11 oz holds a decent sized amount of coffee.

The design consists of an image of a family of geese repeated 4 times lined up near the bottom of the mug.  Easy to do with the copy/paste and alignment capabilities of the product editor. The geese image has a transparent background, so it'll blend into any color chosen as the background for the mug, although anything but white will produce a  contrast with the non-designable areas.

This would be a great choice for a morphing mug. Just customize and move the geese as a group to the desired refill level.  When the geese disappear, get more coffee!

The mug has weathered repeated hand washings and seems to be OK.

The color reproduction is good, but note that the background color of the ringer mug is off-white, not white as seen in the product editor. This mutes much of the dramatic contrast of the original geese cutout (check the large version of the design view to see the difference). Also, when you shrink down the image that far there is some loss of sharpness and detail.

The other design element, the copyright message prints thicker than it displays.

It's a great mug, but not quite WYSIWYG [what you see is what you get]." -Mike


Cute Calendar Posters | Part 2

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This post is a continuation of Cute Calendar Posters | Part 1. The previous post shows some adorable calendars from Designs by Nyxxie. In this post, I am going to show you some cute calendars that come from Reflections Family Friendly Gifts. As I noted in the other post, these calendars would look terrific in a child's bedroom. Some of the calendars from this set would also be perfect additions to your kitchen!

Cutie Cow Calendar Poster print
Cutie Cow Calendar Poster by reflections06

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Cute Calendar Posters | Part 1

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I recently noticed that there are two designers over at Zazzle who have some really cute poster calendars. I think any of these calendars would look great in a child's bedroom or something. Each designer has quite a few calendars, so I'm going to dedicate a post to each. First up is Designs by Nyxxie.

Colorful Cat 2012 Wall Calendar Poster print
Colorful Cat 2012 Wall Calendar Poster by nyxxie

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The next set of cute poster calendars can be found on part two.

Candy Cane Plates

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I love candy canes. They are just so festive and fun. Here are some candy cane inspired plates that I'm obsessing over right now.

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