Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Objects with Mustaches

Posted by Jasmine at 3:41 AM
Ok, so the mustache thing is really popular and everyone thinks it's adorable.. but you have to agree that it's even cuter when it's on other cute stuff. Are you following me? No? Ok, let me show you. :)

Highly Cultured shirt
Highly Cultured by kimchikawaii

I'm overwhelmed with all the cuteness! I'm sure there's more products like this out there on Zazzle, but I'm going to have to cut it off at this or this post will go on forever. I'll possibly do another post of this in the future. :) 


ScorpiusBlue said...

Omgosh Thank you for adding me into your post and other designers :D Will be adding your blog onto my blog too ;)

HBeck said...

Thank you for putting me in your post!

Jasmine said...

ScorpiusBlue - You're welcome!! :) &Thanks!!

HBeck - No problem. :D

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