Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Product Review: A Business Card And Musicians Guitar Pick

Posted by Jasmine at 9:01 PM
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Click on photo for larger view
"The Zazzle Skinny Indestructible Business Card is an ideal substitute for a musician's plectrum. It works well as a replacement pick for the guitar, mandolin, bouzouki or any other stringed musical instrument that is plucked.

I bought a couple of packs that I customized, not only for use as 'normal' business cards but also to test as a pick for an acoustic guitar and mandolin. I wanted to ensure that the card could actually be used as an effective replacement for a guitar pick. I knew that the indestructible card was made of tear-proof and water-resistant synthetic materials, not paper or card, but I needed to confirm that its rigidity and flexibility properties would make it a suitable substitute for a traditional plectrum.

I wasn't disappointed. The 'card' is flexible yet rigid and stiff enough to be used as a temporary substitute for the musician whose usual pick is not readily available, and its small compact size (3" x 1") makes it convenient to hold while playing. It won't stand up to heavy rock use but for genres requiring a lighter touch it will suffice as a temporary pick.

It's a great business card as well, with its bright crisp colors and perfect printing. And its virtually indestructible too - it won't tear. The skinny card comes in packs of 20 in its own plastic dispenser." -Dave 

Learn more about using these business cards as guitar picks here.



Carrie Ries said...

This is very cute! Love the dual purpose of a guitar pick!

Jasmine said...

I agree, very creative of the designer. :)

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