Tuesday, February 21, 2012

DIY - Baby Shower Favor Idea

Posted by Jasmine at 12:32 PM

I was just checking out the Zazzle blog and came across this photo a customer sent in. What a fun idea for someone planning a baby shower and looking for an inexpensive way to put some party favors together.

Since the blog doesn't cover how the customer put this together, I figured I'd make my own little guide for people who might be looking to do the same thing.

First thing you need are some basic tin mint boxes. I'm sure you can find them at a local party supply shop or dollar store, but I've also found them on Amazon. You can buy 1 for 67 cents (not sure why you would just buy 1 box, maybe to see a sample) and the smallest quantity after that is 50 boxes for $28.77, which is about 57 cents a box.

Click here to buy these tin boxes on Amazon
The next thing you need to do is buy some candies to fill the tins with. You can keep it simple and fill it with mints, but I love the use of multi colored M&Ms in the beginning photo. The photo shows red, white and pink M&Ms. You can buy these by the pound (and smaller or bigger sizes) on Amazon.

Now the last thing you need are some adorable stickers to decorate the tins with! This is the sticker shown in the photo above:
Pink Giraffe Girl Stickers Envelope Seals sticker
Pink Giraffe Girl Stickers Envelope Seals by PoshPartyPrints

but you don't have to use this particular sticker. There are thousands of baby shower stickers in the marketplace with many different themes and shapes to fit your needs. 


Lynn said...

Very creative, stickers can be used for so many other things than just sticking them on a card or envelope. Great post :)

Jasmine said...

Definitely. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Angela's Photos and Designs said...

Great idea. This would be a great way to give coworkers a holiday treat too.

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