Thursday, February 16, 2012

Product Review: Follow Me Social Networking Liberty Water Bottle

Posted by Jasmine at 1:53 PM
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"I just received my Liberty Bottleworks water bottle in the mail and I absolutely love it! The colors printed out very true to what I saw on my screen before ordering. The display online doesn't do the bottle or image size any justice, I was surprised to see how bold it was in person. I ordered this bottle to advertise my Twitter account while I'm out in public, and with the image and text being so big, I'm sure it will be seen by lots of people. I ordered the 24 oz. bottle, but there is an option to order it in 32 oz. for just a $1 more. I recommend ordering it in the patriot color (patriot is a shade of blue, shown in the photos above) because it compliments the little blue bird very well. The bottles are top rack dishwasher safe, but I'm going to handwash mine. I'm afraid constant dishwashing would ruin the beautiful design. 

Aside from how this bottle looks, my favorite thing about it is that it is 100% BPA free. The bottles are aluminum, but the inside and outside of the bottle is coated in a food grade, solvent-free material so you never come in contact with bare aluminum. I confirmed this with Liberty Bottleworks because I wanted to be 100% sure. I'm also glad that these bottles are made in the USA! I tested out the lid for leaks. I filled it with water, shook it all around and no leaks. This bottle gets an A+ from me! Thank you Liberty and Zazzle!"
- Jasmine W.



Lake Effects said...

Glad to hear such a favorable review, Jasmine. Great idea for a design!
- Deb (Beachwalker)

Jasmine said...

Thanks Deb! :)

Funcards said...

Wow, it really turned out great, Jasmine! And what a great idea to use it to advertise your Twitter account.

Jasmine said...

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks great!! I like it. Thank you Jasmine for your review. :)

Jasmine said...

Thanks Naomi. :)

MalibuItalian said...

Very helpful review. Thanks for posting pics as well! Great design!!

Heidi said...

Your bottle is great. I wanted to tell you on the forum, but yesterday shortly after expression my opinion on the forum about the new customers review, "somebody" just banned me completely from all Zazzle forums! :( PS: Without any warning or notice....

Another proseller, that doesn't know what se did wrong.

Jasmine said...

MalibuItalian - Thanks!

Heidi - Thank you for taking the time to come and comment. I've been banned from the forums too, they can be pretty shady with that. Contact proseller support, they should fix it. Hope you get access to the forums soon!

Susans Zoo Crew said...

Thanks for reviewing these! How sturdy does it seem, I'm always afraid if I bang one on something it'll put a huge dent in it?

Deborah Mazarakes said...

Thanks for the review, Jasmine! The bottle looks amazing! I can tell by your photos that the bottle looks even better in person. It's such a cute design too:)

Jasmine said...

Susan - They seem pretty sturdy.

Deborah - It really does look better in person, thanks for stopping by! :)

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