Monday, April 9, 2012

Product Review: Abstract Photo Prints

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Click on photo for larger view
Click on photo for larger view

"I have a variety of photo prints to do a review on. The first one, titled 'Worlds' is an abstract print featuring 3 planets (not actual planets in our solar system). The artwork on this print is done magnificently. If I hadn't known it was someone's personal artwork I would have thought it was a photograph taken by NASA. The printing of this was flawless. The background is a nice dark black (it looks a little washed out in the photo because of the lighting) and the planets have a shadowed effect that makes it look so realistic.

The next three prints are titled 'The Drain,' 'Color Love 2' and 'Red Fallen in Blue.' Each of these prints feature different colors of beautiful swirls. 'The Drain' is a combination of purples, green and pink. 'Color Love 2' (which is probably my favorite print) is a combination of purple, green, orange, yellow and a hint of blue. The last print, 'Red Fallen in Blue,' is a combination of red, blue and a hint of white. Each of these printed darker than the display and are a lot more vivid in person.

My plan for these prints is to buy matching 4" x 6" frames and I will hang them on the wall in a square pattern." -Jasmine W.

Red Fallen in Blue zazzle_photoenlargement

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Product Review: Toothy Tomato Keychain

Posted by Jasmine at 6:13 PM 4 comments
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"This keychain is just too cute for words. The design features an adorable kawaii styled tomato with big eyes and two little front teeth. When printed, the tomato definitely has a brighter and more vibrant red color, the Zazzle preview washes it out a bit. There is a small glare on the keychain, but I think it captures the deeper red that was printed. The photo also shows some white specks, not really sure why it turned out like that. The keychain shows no signs of white specks or scratches. The printing was perfect.

This design is suitable for children and even adults. Basically, anyone who enjoys cute things will love this design." -Jasmine W.

Toothy Tomato zazzle_keychain

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