Saturday, February 23, 2013

Product Review: Ice Cream Mousepad

Posted by Jasmine at 11:14 AM

"I love this mousepad! It definitely fits my personality since I love fun and vibrant colors and this mousepad looked even better than it did on screen. The quality of the mousepad is also fantastic. The mousepad is thick, sturdy and is rough on the bottom so it doesn't move when I move my mouse around a lot. One small flaw that I did have with the mousepad is that when I first got it smelled like burned rubber. I had to air it out outside for a few days and the smell went away. Other than that, I've had this mousepad for almost a year now and it still looks fantastic. The colors are still bright and fun and there is no peeling or chipping of the color. I definitely recommend this to anyone that's looking for a fun, customizable mousepad that they can keep for a few years!" -Jennifer

Ice Cream Mousepad
Ice Cream Mousepad by nyxxie

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