Friday, September 20, 2013

Halloween Jelly Belly Tins

Posted by Jasmine at 1:21 AM
How awesome are these Halloween themed Jelly Belly tins? These aren't just cute tins, either. They come filled with Jelly Bellies! You also get to choose your jelly bean filling.
Flavors include:
Woah, okay.. that's a lot of choices!

You could use these tins as giveaways at your Halloween party, as a decorative candy tin for your home, a Halloween birthday gift.. There's so many fun things you could do with these tins. What would you do with them?
Three Cute Candy Corns Candy Tins
Three Cute Candy Corns Candy Tins by destei
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Bewitching Moon Candy Tin
Bewitching Moon Candy Tin by dlgray

Be sure to check out the rest of the tins here


Lucia Salemi said...

I love the new Zazzle candy tins!!! Thanks for featuring one of my halloween tins! Cheers, Lucia

Jasmine said...

Hi Lucia! Yes, I agree.. they are very neat. :)

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